3D renders from back in the day

So here’s a fun one I created as a concept back in 2008 for a Red Dot Design entry. I never submitted it, but at this point, I can’t say it hasn’t been thought up before? Chester and I had looked at what was out there at the time, and as I recall there wasn’t anything out there on the market at that point!

Basically, what this handle-less sink is trying to do, is help your hygienic, washing experience. Ooooh la la! Say you’ve just touched some raw chicken you dirty meat-eating-carnivore (why does it always come off like I am attacking my flesh eating friends? I love meat too! Drops head in Omnivore’s Dilemma shame.) Actually, tangent, this is a pretty great read:

-pause for commercial break-

-…and, welcome back to my daily digressions!-

Okay, you dirty-meat-eating-carnivore! Simply touch the touch screen for your user profile:

Let’s call you Joe, okay Marta?

Joe’s profile pops up and voila: the lovely temperature of 95 degrees has been pre-set and the water goes on when the correct temperature is reached: thereby saving time, water, and expended energy of dirty, raw chicken fingers slipping around the faucet. I think I just saved your life. It’s called Salmon-ella Poi-soning!

Just in case you need to adjust the temperature, the adjustment arrows are available for a quick change in temperature. But you can always have more preset functions such as your basic: hand wash, meat wash, vegetable wash, hate-this-person-set-to-stay-very-very-cold wash, etc. You get the idea.

Well, fun thought nonetheless. I like the saving water part, and comfy temperature part as well. Plus, an easy one-swipe wipe up for wiping away bacteria. Yum yums. So easy, a child with tiny fingers could do it. And the pirate face at the bottom right is my child-safety lock. It’s probably the kind of picture a kid would want to touch anyway…

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