A Review by Thomas Garvey

Not just any review: one regarding Boston, concrete, and the ties of architects that bind them.

When he says “heroic,” he really means “Harvard”

I got a kick out of this review by Thomas Garvey. He has a great writing style, and stays on topic (unlike… me!): covering concrete in our city and sourcing the “line of influence,” that all seems to lead to one rather nepotic conclusion.  I’ll say this though, a couple of my friends that attended the GSD know exactly what type of “swoopy” designs come out of there (…on occassion! Please forgive the blanket text, I know not what I do). They accept their past and have since moved on to be more interesting! But, I’ll side with my MIT peers any day of the week: form follows function my friends! Then design. Now, who said that first? I should have paid attention better in class*…

*Who am I fooling, I am a note nerd. I took notes like a flippin’ scribe. Yet another reason to not remember anything! It’s all in my notes!

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