Artist Jin Young Yu

Wow. I just came across this artist Jin Young Yu today and just feel a lot for this artist’s work. The beauty and sadness of her Invisible People collection is very evocative. The reality that each sculptural piece hides behind their happy facade is a revealing realization of your senses. Does this make sense? It makes you want to wake up to the people you might meet around you. The interview of the artists here is a great look into how she thinks, feels and lives her artistic life in Korea (though it is hard). Most of her work is installed and shown outside of her home country.

You can visit her blog here (though I cannot read it – help!):

I found her work on this other blog site: Boy, am I ever in love with this blog site now! Check it out, great stuff they have found.

Here is the link to her interview with Arrested Motion: Great questions, long answers from Jin Young Yu, I loved getting the chance to read it. Thanks to Arrested Motion! They also did a follow-up posting here:

This reminds me of the silent scream moments in cinematic films. The sudden quiet in the film becomes deafeningly loud and the emotion it captures with no audible sound at all is what sends the viewer into alert mode. This piece is so emotional.

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