Cartoons and Sculpture Proposal

I’m really not sure what it is about quick sketching little caricatures of personalities. These cartoons are a couple of quick drawings I did trying to figure out how I would maybe, possibly… go about making a doll that flaps around a little. It would be pretty neat to see in porcelain, the sketch on the left. I usually like to draw in a lot more fun details, but it typically involves a suit and tie with some architectural nuance and a naughty librarian head styling.

I met up with my friend Sarah from a way-back-play-back era –actually, we had not seen each other in seven or so years– last night. I got to telling her about how I am curious about doll making, but kept sort of hesitating. She was very encouraging and even shared with me the fact that one of her friends is a doll maker. So, very interesting. Maybe it’s not an odd thing to do. I could still end up saving lives with it, it just becomes more of a creative round-a-bout way of getting there! At the least, maybe the fruition of one of my cartoon characters will make someone happy. That’s all I have honestly ever asked for when the candles blow out!

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