Cleaning up and Planning Wedding Photographs

It was one of those mornings when you wake up and just know… it’s going to be a great day. A beautiful day! Finally after a few days of rain the local area has been scrubbed down and rid of its dirty dirties. Now is the day… to clean up and organize all of my computer files! Oh my gawd, you too?!

Yes. I am a nerd, and that’s the way we like it. I hardly think being organized gives me cool nerd points though. I know plenty of nerds who are messy. Oh-ho, those craaaazy kids, they have a lot to learn [chortles knowingly]. <– no “chuckles” here my friends.

Well, today has also been a day of getting all of my photographs in order! So, I am hoping to pop a few more up each day in my etsy shop. It’s a nice thought. So far today, I have met my goal! New photos up, and in fact, I even got one of my newest photos featured in an etsy treasury already. I’d say that’s a new record for me.

In other news: I was asked to be a wedding photographer for a small wedding in Vermont. I would say that I am just delighted, but you know what? I am so frickin’ ecstatic!!! Yep. Watch out folks, the imaginary happy truck is riding through my brain.

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