Creepsies before the eyes are painted

So, I can get that a doll might look a little scary if it’s eyes are painted to look at you, but I guess you can’t escape the fact that a doll’s eyes are going to look alien freakish if you don’t paint them in… case in point: my images below! Now, I liked the head when it was raw the color before it was cured in the oven. The colorĀ  isn’t something I mind, though, I am interested in playing around with blue dolls. But, would that make them look dead? Yeeshk! My point being, crossing the boundary of color. You can be blue or green kids, many people never quite feel like they fit in, so no worries! [Pair the delivery of this with an eye wink and a finger gesture where you cock and pull the trigger. Adds for great effect upon delivery. Also, insert two tongue clucks.]

But, then we’re back to talking about blue dolls… I’m guessing they may look a little grim. But we’ll see how they evolve, Chester wants to push me away from this new doll exploration and more towards the houses or some new clothing designs. Also, fun. I’ll try to post some of the stuff I have made up later, including: my sister’s wedding dress, a dress I wore to an Indian fusion wedding, and a sample pass at my own wedding dress. Yippers-skippers. :)

To paint the face, or not too? Had fun with the “make-up” trial run.

Maybe I’ll post the doll replica I made of Chester last year… which looks nothing like Chester, plus, I gave the hard-sculpt Mickey Mouse yellow booties. He looked, so cool. You don’t,… you don’t even n-yo [flips hair].

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