Cutty’s in Brookline

Went out to breakfast this morning with Chester and Sarah. Sarah is working at America’s Test Kitchen and is full of fun little stories to share, even at 9 in the morning! Cutty’s was great, they make an awesome granola mix in-house and pair it with a light, plain yogurt. I am personally not a yogurt and granola person, but really enjoyed having this for breakfast. I can’t wait to try what they have for lunch, it looked really good, but the yogurt+granola morning is worth duplicating! Plus, paired with a good cup of coffee, I am pretty much guaranteed to be enjoying myself.

Cutty’s little cafe in Brookline was a great way to start a peaceful morning. The two that started it are really nice America’s Test Kitchen “graduates,” and have some pretty cool employees as well. Thanks for pointing out this cafe Sarah!

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