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Continuing this doll themed day, if you do not already know this art doll designer LoopyBoopy over on etsy I highly recommend checking her work out. I’m not a doll person, really, I’m not! But ever since I came upon her work, I have just become obsessed with the playful creations that can be turned into 3D. As a former 3D artist –who left clay and stone carving for the cleaner world of digital design– I am just slowly slipping right back into the world of malleable dirty-dirt dirt. It is far too much fun, as well as good exercise for the hands! Especially if you are into rock climbing and being the coolest monkey at the gym (and of course, I am). Right? Who doesn’t want to look like some exorcist character climbing all over the walls and ceilings? No? I don’t enter climbing comps to lose folks!

LoopyBoopy creates artful visions of these imaginative characters. Each doll she creates has a story and a reason. It is all very interesting and frankly, inspiring! If you know me personally, you know how I love to draw cartoons. I used to sketch when I was in little school, when I went to college, then when I started working… and even during team meetings. It’s just what many people do to think, they doodle. Me, I draw coquettish looking girls. What?

As a featured artist today, and one I have remembered since I discovered her work 1.5 years ago now? She makes me want to take my 2D drawings into a 3D realm. Perhaps there is a place in the world for my little cartoons after all. For many of the reasons stated above, and even more so, because I used to find dolls scary (it’s their eyes!), the quirky-creepy art dolls by LoopyBoopy make me love her all the more. I always have to check-in and see what she is up to. Crazy cool style.

All of her dolls are handmade, One Of A Kind (OOAK).

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