Early morning out with Chloe

Went for a little excursion with my camera this morning. Duh, because I’m obsessed remember? Little miss dog and I were hanging out around 6 in the am and I got to capture a few precious moments in time. I love the morning light in these shots. Though, I did post-edit the photographs to give it some “style.” Maybe it’s not everyone’s style, but it evokes a feeling I’m really going for right now. Almost, a soft memory, but with more life than some of my previous impressions on memory styled photographs.

Chloe, our gorgeous dog was getting really excited by the squirrels this morning. So, we made a quick escape back inside once she got acclimated. Still practicing her listening skills, she gets so focused! We are working on desensitizing her to nature and its loud birds. Because even the birds sometimes drive her crazy, but she is a hunting dog. It is her nature to go after these small furry creatures. So keep back, small little weeny dogs. Actually, come May, we’ll see how much better she has gotten with smaller animals, because our friend and family member will be dropping off our favorite pug — for a week! Homer (his name) will probably not be too thrilled to see Chloe again. She is a bit of a silent stalker. Heh!

Homer’s a tough pug though. That’s why we loves him!

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