Featured Artist ClementinyClothing

by Clementinyclothing

Sometimes, you just get this feeling when you see someone’s design, and it makes you want to either be that person, or know that person… or be at that particular moment, experience whatever it is that is happening. Clementinyclothing, an artist and clothing designer on Etsy is just such a person that is able to evoke this in her work.

by Clementinyclothing

Is there anything that we could ask more for? She creates these wonderful dresses, that are not only beautiful, but also responsible in their material make-up: being composed of 100% re-purposed, recycled material! She also has a flair for working with vintage materials and re-inventing the look. You should check out her work and her profile on etsy.com. Like many artists, she loves what she does, and clearly my friends… it shows.

Check her out here:

On Etsy http://Clementinyclothing.etsy.com

Her Blog http://clementinyclothing.wordpress.com

(My kind of blog! Check out some of her food photos, we loves the food!)

Facebook www.facebook.com/ClementinyClothing

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