Featured Artist – Emmalyne on Etsy

piano — 8×10 print

Free as a bird — 8×10 print

Emmalyne (aka Emmy Ludwig) is a photographing artist on Etsy. She has a love for taking everyday common objects and making them into a beautiful, soulful photograph. I love these two photographs she has captured with her smart eye. These two photos are hauntingly evocative of something… almost bordering creepy. This is something I love, because they are also completely innocent shots taken with observation. Simply beautiful.

Here is an excerpt from her Etsy Profile page:

Emmalynne Photography is Emmy Ludwig, a photographer from Philadelphia with a love of vintage, open windows, and making the common every-day item into something you’ll want to hang on your wall. More

Some more of her colorful work that caught my eye.

Visit her shop on etsy here!

Check her out:

website: http://www.emmyludwig.com

Blog: http://emmalynne.blogspot.com/ I love how creative her blog entries are!

Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/emmalynne/

Follow her: http://twitter.com/emmalynneCL

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