Friday and working late

So, last Friday I ended up finalizing a submission to a challenge we had been working on for the whole week: this was one of those 20 hrs a day work weeks… so in total… and I pity myself, 100 hours of work, which does indeed include the day job, along with the night job.

Poor Chloe, our dog, had a less than interesting week, but she is back to being the center of attention and has resumed all normal activity. Except for yesterday, where she fell off of the couch onto her butt. It was pretty hilarious. You did not have to be there. Just imagine a big dog sliding off of a couch quickly and landing -Thump- right on his/her behind. Then just sitting there, as if s/he intended to get comfy right there. Weird, I had to give her a treat just for being such a cool dog! Lucky her, because we almost never give her treats unless it is in her Kong toy.

Anyway! I tangent. While being vague about this challenge, here are some photos from that beautiful Friday.

Looks fun, huh? Nice folder organization.

I am just so thrilled about another night of work, but Saturday brings new and fun things!

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