Handmade Wedding Day

This is the wedding cake to the happy bride and groom! It was the first real cake I had ever made, and I made it for my big sister’s wedding! Though, I did do a few practice runs to decide on substitutions and what not… and to make sure I could actually pull a cake out of the oven. Heh. The conclusion I came to as far as substituting different oils in place of butter, and sugar, or wheat flours…. don’t make substitutions. It’s a gosh-darn wedding cake. People know they are eating cake, it’s a day to indulge. Enjoy! The funny thing is I don’t even like cake, I love ice cream! But, this was actually a nice tasting cake. I am pretty critical too. Trust me. Do you trust me?

Above are the three tiers prior to assembly. Here they are being layered (three layers), with a chocolate ganache filling, this is the “crumb coat” stage and this is pretty much the stage I shipped them in: we packed up the car, placed each tier into it’s own cooler after wrapping it in quite a friendly amount of plastic-wrap, like Saran Wrap. When I got to ┬ámy sisters place, that’s when I started icing the cake! A four hour trip, these babies did a great job and stayed cool unda-presha. ;)

The cake was a Swiss Buttercream frosting, Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with a Chocolate Ganache center.

I also got the chance to make my sisters wedding dress (also another first, as it was my first fancy dress, and my first dress for a wedding!) and since it’s been a rather rainy weekend here in New England, I thought now was a good time to share some of my experimental fabric adventures! The rain has finally stopped after three days :) Below, is my big sister on the left, and to the right is the dress before I found out whether or not it would fit her. >_< Luckily, we figured out we are pretty much the same size before hand!

Lovely sister to the left, guessing work to the right.

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