Head of the Charles Regatta

What is a regatta? According to Wikipedia (and I quote!):

A regatta is a term (Latin for ‘boat’) used to describe either a boat race, or series of boat races. Although the term typically describes racing events of unpowered water craft, some powerboat race series are also called regattas. Most commonly, a regatta is either a series of rowing, sailing, canoeing, gondola races or yacht racing. A regatta often includes social and promotional activities which surround the racing event, and except in the case of boat type (or “class”) championships, is usually named for the town or venue where the event takes place. However,the term originated in Venice,and so, Italian Wikipedia is likely reliable. It indicates that the etymology is debated: Some maintain it is derived from the Italian “riga”, line, for the starting line; some say it comes from the Latin “aurigare” which means to race; others consider it derived from the Latin “remus”, oar,… more

So, this past weekend we went out with some friends to have a catch-up brunch and then we found ourselves trying to get to the regatta but also wanting to gather materials to paint our apartment-o… so, you know what we did? In order to hit everything we wanted to do in time, we ended up driving by the Head of the Charles Regatta. I know. Shameful. Sad. We know it. But! Check out the self-explanatory photos!

Couple catching some starting area photos.

Typical, beautiful, dreary day in Boston!

Boston student fashion on the Harvard Bridge (which is right by MIT… not Harvard mind you.)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled day! I have tons of food photos so maybe I’ll get around to posting those some day soon. :)

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