Hearing Impaired Functional Jewelry

Designed by May Wilson, an industrial designer who recently graduated from Loughborough University, UK in 2009 — these are wearable bracelets that function as an alert to the wearer.

I love product designs that are out to level the playing field and make things healthful and helpfully accessible, especially to those who may want a little assistance. Her work is designed to provide a visual, and physical sensation so that the user may be notified of  a current event that is happening in real-time, in a way that is convenient for the wearer to be notified. Designed for the hearing impaired, I can see how this could cross-over for someone who is visually impaired. It is a tidy and functional design. A great idea that is probably bound to go further!

At the time of this post, her website was under construction, but check it out here:  http://creative-fix.net/

I saw her work here on Yanko as well as over at Cloroflot.

Designed by May Wilson.

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