Illustrator Yellena on Etsy

I have been a fan of this artist Yellena for quite some time. Her work was so inspiring it got me to go back to my ink drawings for a while! But, to develop such a dreamy, organic and imaginative style takes time and love. I believe Yellena’s work has this passion. Her illustrations are so beautiful: it is easy to get lost in any one of them. They are just so full of movement and organic imagery. I do not know Yellena personally, or her working process, but I get the feeling that she has a lot of fun when she creates her art.

Please check out more of her work here:

She has a blog! It can be found here:

And… because I cannot help myself :) — you can also follow here on twitter here:

Her work has found new and exciting success on the face of snowboards by K2 — and as a sometimes snowboarder from the state of Vermont, this is absolutely awesome. Awesome!! I just visited her blog and I don’t want to ruin any more cool news coming from her studio, so I recommend you check her out. She is another artist to keep an eye on!

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