Kanzashi Flowers

…or as I like to call them, geisha hair things! I’ll have to update this again with the final result, but I did what I had in my head, and I got it out in demo form. I’ll give a show in a few days? Then,  you’ll see why I think I should have made them even smaller! (Which I ended up cutting the square down below in the photos to about 1″x 1″ at some point… still too big! That is how amazingly intricate I think these can get. My results looked a little big-birdie… as in, a great hair ornament for, Big Bird? Credit to Sesame Street for the inspiring thought ;)

Cutting out the squares for making origami fabric flowers.

A better vantage point of my night a couple of weeks ago.

Stopping work to prepare one of my photographs that sold that evening on etsy! Yay!

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