Little Clay Houses

Finally posted pictures of the glazed roof houses! I am so pleased with how this first batch of houses turned out. It was really nice when I went to pick them up at the pottery studio, as quite a few people stopped to ask if I had made the little clay houses. I should have just said, “No, but don’t tell.” While I packed them away into my little white box. But people being nice, gah, you can’t be sarcastic back. It was great to get the positive feedback on these little cuties though.

One of the artists I have a crush on (as an artist) told me she thought they were cute! I had to immediately turn to Chester after she left and whisper, that’s the girl I like!! Chester was of course, standing there in the studio with me, tapping his foot quietly waiting for me to hurry up and grab my little houses. This particular artist makes slip cast ceramic ware, and I just have a thing for plaster made forms. Maybe it’s just because the first time I worked with plaster in 10th grade, I had a really great time making a mold out of an orange. Or… maybe I just like the smarts behind being able to replicate a design you have made in a more efficient manner. I’ll have to check back with you on that.

I started another batch of speckled clay little houses. Hopefully, I’ll create some new designs in the coming weeks. As for now, don’t mind the change in lighting in my pictures. One is with tungsten lighting, the other is using flash. Different details show up, along with different feelings evoked by different lighting… or that’s the way I see it with the different lighting. :)

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