Love my dog

The “I love my dog” post is finally here! This is Chloe, though you may have seen her before in other random postings. She’s a beautiful Rhodesian Ridgeback (mix) w/out the ridge. They come in full breed ridge-less flavors too, yes! About 65 lbs on her heavy days, she is super-fit, loves to run, but is always sleepy –this might be more Chester and my fault, she’ll try to put us to bed, but we’re just the weird owner’s that don’t go to sleep!

This picture is pretty much how I always remember her while I’m at work, that, and when she occasionally growls at teeny, tiny spiders. She is absolutely ridiculous, clumsy, surprisingly and momentarily swift, goofy, reaaaally patient… and a bit of a whiner when she wants something important. Like the bathroom (oh, like you weren’t like that as a seven year old?)

Chloe is just approaching two years of age, and we have had her for almost 10 months now. She’s a doll! Her dog aggression is almost taught and socialized out of her, but Chester and I will keep on working on that. She knows what we want and it’s adorable to watch her transform from what she thought was the right way to react, i.e. growl, snarl, bark, chomp, to… more of a light, impatient whine.  The incredible, edible egg! That’s our bright little dog Chloe :)

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