Marina Bychkova – Ball-Jointed Porcelain Dolls

Here is an artist I came across accidentally one day while breezing through the book store –literally, I was just cutting through.

I caught a quick glance of this beautiful face on the cover of a DOLL magazine, and thought briefly, no way that’s a doll. It’s…. sexy. It’s a sexy frickin’ doll! Marina Bychkova’s work is pretty cool, in that it was the first time I was exposed to an artist that (1) made dolls (though I hear there are plenty), but (2) called attention to the nether regions. Yep, I said nether mom!

Spending some time to read Marina’s interviews regarding her Enchanted Dolls, I learned that she was not just making fancy, nude dolls out of porcelain.

In an interview with Pop Culture of Destruction she said:

Marina: I’m interested in juxtaposing binary opposites within my dolls: beauty and ugliness, love and violence, eroticism and repulsion. Most of the dolls out there are just plain happy or expressionless and that’s what makes them hollow and one-dimensional. Giving dolls attributes that are not traditionally associated with dolls, gives them an existence beyond the realm of toys to which they have been confined for centuries.

I love what she says here in an interview with Pixel Surgeon, one of the first interviews I read on her:

It’s compulsory [regarding making her dolls anatomically correct, with attention to detailed genitalia]. Most of the dolls, both, Fine Art and children’s dolls, though try to imitate human form, are sterilized through a complete removal of sex organs. It’s as if they need to be cleansed of all their sinful humanity. I find this deliberate denial of the essence of life to be ignorant and appalling. I don’t know why there is so much fear and shame associated with human sexuality. Every Barbie needs to have a vagina. Every Ken needs a penis. I think it’s time the dolls leave the realm of tea parties and innocence and address some important issues.

All in all, if you check out her work, which I encourage you to do so, because… they are a work of art! I think she is creating beautiful and well-executed statement works of art. At least from my view, it takes guts to be a doll artist. If you are going to work at being great at something, it becomes so much more appealing when you can find the worth inside to do it. She is somehow… visually emancipating the Barbie’s and Ken’s of our current cultural mindset. Why do we pretend that certain topics are inappropriate when they are obviously basic, natural fact? Meh, good catch Marina!

Please check out her work here:



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