MFA Classic Noir Black-tie Party

Yes folks, I got to go to my first ever black tie party with my co-workers, ma peeps. It was a lot of fun, and my co-workers are pretty cool outside of work! The MFA was beautiful, like it is hard for it to look good? I definitely grabbed 180 pictures of the entire event: from lounge at The W Hotel, to the MFA summer party, and finally to The Four Seasons Hotel where we got re-fueled after attempting to buy some artwork that was at the Classic Noir silent auction. I saw some well-known people at the MFA, as well as at the Four Seasons Hotel… but, they were not famous to me, and so I could not tell you specifically their names. But! One person was from our local news (I did recognize her face, but didn’t attribute it to the news), and the other few people were Lakers basketball players (the bench-warmers), and some management for the Boston Red Sox? Bah, anyway, really more for my own personal note taking.

Let us begin with a picture of my third “fancy” dress I have made in my life! Since it was my first black-tie event that evening, I had no dress to wear. Luckily, I had started this gown about six months ago, and finished it up in the early morning right after we submitted our challenge application! You know when you are just so high off of finishing your work, you want to do MORE work?! Yeah, that’s the kind of person I am…

I was so worried it would look so handmade by me, re: little house on the prairie meets person trying to sew with no training. I was afraid it would look goofy or even, not polished enough for this party evening. Yet, it seemed to fit right in that night! I had a lot of nice people come up to me during the evening and give me their compliments. It was very encouraging! It reaaaally makes me want to pursue making custom designed dresses. Needless to say, I was very happy by the end of the night!

(I had so many photos at the end of this night, so I had to batch edit and reduce the sizes.)

Pretty grand entry! I took this while exiting…


Who doesn’t love an impression-of-a-light-fixture shot?

Husband and wife. (I know them!)

Indeed it was a summer party.

Such a painted/portrait looking shot of my co-workers.

We dine in style, no? Oysters, and they were awesome.

One of the first few white wines that I have met and liked. I could tell you the name, but I need to do a little personal research into what it was we had…

Cheese board, naturally.

At the end of the night, it was just me –waiting in the lounge for Chester (who opted out of the event as he did not want me to make him a tux)– and this mini-vase of yellow roses. It was a pleasant end to the evening.

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