More Clay Faces

Practice, practice! Just playing around with a new clay head I shaped… I like painting and drawing on the face the best. That’s when it starts to have more of a character (or caricature about it).

Maybe I’ll make this one of my mother molds when I’m done and try casting it.

Kind of reminds me of a barbie, but it’s also… not. So, this makes me feel unique. I was going for a more asian shaped face because the world needs more diverse dollies! Plus, maybe she looks kind of hapa, like moi.

Or, maybe this face is really just a lump of clay. :)

Drawing on the eyes and eyebrows to get some sense of where I can place things.

More to come hopefully. So I can figure out this porcelain ball-jointed doll thing.

Here are some of my previous runs at making dolls and doll heads:

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