Picnic in the Park, while making Pearl necklace

…but of course!

This past weekend was gorgeous here in Boston. Well, now that we moved out to the ‘burbs of the city since getting Chloe, I guess you could say we are in Arl-ing-ton. But never you mind that.

Just sharing a quick photo of the black pearls that Chester got me to make a huge, long, necklace for the wedding coming up in October. “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something…. Make it yourself!” That’s what I say.

Love the color of these pearls. Not a pearl person otherwise, but “black” or even Tahitian (salt-water pearls are cool… maybe. Must check into the environmental repercussions of salt water pearls. I’m also going to have to look at exactly how bad or good(!) fresh-water pearls are… crossing my eyes and hoping the news is good news. Then again… I love eating oysters, so what do I care? Well, just because you’re a mollusk my friend does not mean you don’t deserve a good life too! — now, where was I before I went off on another tangent?

Speak up if you know good or bad things about pearls and the making of man-made pearls. I’m not sure how I will feel, so I anticipate looking this one up. Stay tuned for some pictures of our raw oyster nights! (I think I am just soooo funny.)

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