Plaster Drape Molds

I woke up early this morning because our little adopted doggie Chloe had to use the bathroom — we trained her to ring this bell — so, my fiance and I are basically her private Butler: “You rang?” Well, another thing is, she’s not so little, she’s 65 lbs of sleek, sexy dog. I can’t imagine how anyone could give up such a great looking dog! Plus, she is so well behaved… indoors. But, I tangent.

While I was watching Chloe romp around in the snow from our side windows, I looked down to find myself at my little work station I have setup in the new apartment. So, clearly the first thought to pop into my head was, “Hey! Why don’t you mix up some plaster?” I found this to be a stellar idea at 6:45 am, and quickly whipped up a cup mold and a bowl drape mold. I will be de-molding later tonight after I get back from work. Here is to hoping nothing goes wrong! I am going to make another mold later tonight to finish up the cup mold. Some, oh-so-exciting pictures should follow!

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