Playing around in Photoshop

I had some time today to post up some random photos of my daily habits. While I’m not typically a breakfast eater, morning trips to eat at Sofra is one pretty tasty past time. Since I do enjoy taking pictures of food, here’s a shot I took on Sunday while waiting in line to order with Chester.



A little playing around with some Photoshop effects.

I have been really inspired by the work of Siebe Warmoeskerken. I came across him about… half a year ago? Right around the time I picked up my Nikon D700 to check out what people were producing with this body. If you have a moment, I highly implore you to check out his amazing, fantastical work. Fantastical! Amazing. Basically just click on his link dudes. His work is just breath-taking.

Siebe Warmoeskerken on Twitter:

His work on Flickr:

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