Playing with Paint & Artist Kelly Rae Roberts

I have been inspired to paint again!

This is not to say I was ever a real live painter! Indeed, I live the life of a fake painter. Moving onwards and up though!

We went out to Rochester, NY and then Cleveland, OH over this past weekend to see my sister give her PhD dissertation and defense. My family and I learned she has done some ground breaking work for studies in children’s diabetes type I. This was all extremely impressive news and my sister has been so modest about it (surprisingly!) I was so proud of her, she has worked so hard and she will keep doing her good work when she goes to Yale this summer to begin her final internship. Another impressive thing: she was the single person accepted to her Yale program in the whole wide world! They only admit one person, and it was her! Do I sound like a little kid who was just given a bag of candy? She flippin’ rocks, thaz all I’m saying.

Not to mention my other sister is solving global education and helping build communities through her social entrepreneurial activities at Room to Read. Hello! I just love my siblings. I worry I pale in comparison, so I try to create vibrant colors in my life [wink wink]. I am the mostly well-adjusted daughter in a five-person family.

So, getting into painting aye? Indeed, I just picked up some more art supplies last night: canvas boards, modeling paste, oil bars, etc. It is horrible how much I sink my money into playing with my eyes and hands (there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere). I am constantly experimenting with things, and never trying to make a concerted effort at selling them! I like to say, oh this one is experimental, so it’ll be just for me… But you know that leads to clutter and space cramping.

Well, I just love the work done by this artist Kelly Rae Roberts. I actually came across more of her work in Rochester, NY while we were visiting Chester’s sister and brother-in-law. I couldn’t stand it any longer and bought up to reproduction prints of her paintings –my first purchase of hanging wall art mind you– I carry these two prints around with me from room to room! They make me fall in love with painting, and envious of the life that could be full of fun, experimental, color and joy! [Here, I break out into my Vermont-native-hippy-dance and go off humming a made-up ditty, because that’s how I roll].

A year or so ago, back when Chester and I shared what we call our “bachelor pad,” I had come across Kelly Rae Roberts in the form of her published book, Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings. I hadn’t remembered the title, but I remember paging through her book and just loving the evocative little drawings of girls she had made. They mostly reminded me of sisters, and as you know, I love my sisters. So, how lovely to have come across her great work while in one of the more artsy regions in New York!

Please visit her site and check out her work, there is so much more to see!!

Link to Kelly Rae Roberts website:

You can also find her on twitter here:

Well, here are some works I did since we got back from our weekend trip. [Just setting you up! Pictures to come soon, need to clear my hard drive of big, beautiful pictures!] I love Kelly’s end result, and hope I can learn the technique well, but mainly I am just having fun experimenting with paint once again. The oil sticks are so cool too! They will actually harden so that they will not smear once dried (unlike my pastels). It is almost like applying make-up though, and I get to go crazy with it. But, I think I could add a touch more crazy to my test canvases, I think it’s looking a little conservative. Maybe.

Here’s some pug time to tide y’all over in terms of eye candy. He’s a doll. Not our pug, but an inspiring little beastie non-the-lessie.

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