Polaroid Style Day

I was hanging out with Chloe this past Saturday morning after cleaning up the apartment and being informed I was going to be taken to a Bridal Shower for me. “Surprise!” I was definitely surprised, and pleasantly so. I thought it was going to be a quiet weekend, showing the parents our new apartment located in actually-not-so-bad-Arlington. In fact, Arlington is so not so bad, that we might have trouble moving away! When Chester and I moved out of the center of Boston last October for our “little” Chloe, we were in a head hanging down sort of mood. But now, we are so close to our local farm: 8 minute car ride, 15 minute bike ride… and the Minuteman Bikeway, and dog parks… that well, we sub-urban-izing ourselves >_< gah. It happens to the best of us. I am a particular case, because I still think it would be a dream to own a flat in Boston (or any city for that matter).

Back in high school, I remember one particular class assignment for French class where we had to describe where we would be in 10 years. This was my senior year in high school keep in mind. So, surprisingly, as we were going around the room, many of my fe (and) male classmates all had 2.5 kids (I think the half fraction is a pet?) and were married with their own house. Fools. FOOLS! I tell ya!

It was getting around to my turn, and I’m clearly feeling the odd one out. But, I had my French prepared to present my AWESOME Boston apartment flat, where I saw myself ten years later, living alone and traveling the world. I mean… Wow. Was I sure off on the assignment? or were my peers just really mature and goal oriented? Well, I got my awesome Boston flat right in the heart of Boston. I even met an unplanned dreamboat kinda-guy. But hey, funny thing –this just in—I’m getting married in October, and will turn 27 at the end of September… and it would look like, ten flippin’ years later. I am going to be married, with 0.5 kids. How ‘bout that?

True story.

But she’s one swell 0.5 “kid.”

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