Post-production passion play

Lately, I have really taken to some massive post-production efforts in Photoshop. Creating actions and adjusting layers/effects… but it really helps if you have a good foundation image to start with [proceeds to pat self on the back].

Here are some examples that were not post processed…

Just kidding! This “pug,” was actually a Labrador before I finished with him… okay, a little bit of color aging was done in Photoshop to make this pug more black and white… in color.

Rochester, NY -just me and my manual lens doing the whole out of focus thing. No Photoshop.

105mm macro lens, au natural… plus some vignette effect.

This one is –without sarcasm– definitely processed and fondled. I do have a thing for vignette-d photos. So, that’s what I did to the pug photograph as well. By the way, the pug’s name is Homer! and he is just as sleepy and hungry in person as you would expect any monster to be if you stuffed it into a body as small as a pug.

[Update 2/4/2011 : and now I am happy to announce that I have a site for my little photographs to go! Feel free to check out tiny photo studio.]

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