Progress Photos on a Doll

Yep. So, I finally just kind of hunkered down and made a little doll. It was actually pretty fun! Her head may be a little round, so I might try playing around with her head and face some more. Actually, make her so that there is a little more personality showing through in the face. I was cleaning up last night and came across all of these little head sculptures I did (I have a thing for making old man faces, I like making the wrinkles I suppose…). Doing a full out doll was fun in that it kept building to another step, and another. I think I was most surprised about the hair and how it came out. Not too bad for a first pass doll? I have been gathering the little seeds of knowledge over the years. I’ll have to post up one of my other obsessions in the artistic doll realm (because they’re so hard, it is fascinating)! Ball-Jointed Dolls. Yeah… I think I just find porcelain to be a beautiful, sturdy, and earthy material. Stay tuned for that. :)

I started painting her white to give it that porcelain-esque feel, and also so she would have one uniform color tone. I actually could only find two of my paints. I can’t find where all my other paints are! Since we moved back in October, I still have to empty out boxes. Bad bad me. Why is unpacking just not as fun as… packing. Wait, am I saying that packing is fun?

New hair, I couldn’t wait to see if it would work. I probably should have waited until the doll was done-done. The hair ought to be the last touch, in case there are additional touch ups. I have decided this is a rule I will make for myself!

Threw some clothes on her so she wouldn’t look so hinge-ee.

Gave her a tarty face. My co-worker does burlesque dancing and I find her make-up really inspiring. I even got some fire engine red lipstick one time. It’s fun, I wear it if I’m traveling outside of the country, so as not to scare my fellow country folk. Okay, sometimes I run around our apartment and ask my fiance what does he think? I like to do anything I can to bug him. But, he does the same to me! Of course, just not with make-up. I can’t help but always think of Guy de Maupassant or Gustave Flaubert and what he thought of women who wear make-up. It was one of the more interesting French classes in high school, which is why I remember only somewhat. I’ll have to find which book it was we were reading. I think the thought or quote had something to do with how women apply their face like applying a mask to deceive a crowd? Unless it had something to do with clowns. But, I’m ranting now as I so often do.

Completed doll!

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