Running Around

Okay, so lately I have become increasingly obsessed with running. I know, I know… gross. Right?

Well, about two months ago I was maybe one of those people who wasn’t such a fan of running unless I was running after balls –that’s what she said. I was coming more from the school of thought that, yeah, I run sometimes because it’s healthy…. but, oh my knees, and ah my back. Now, I am running two to five miles every other day. I do it because it’s not hurting anymore and [drum roll please…] because I like it! Why did I change my thinking? –Gosh, I sound like some magazine ad– I started reading this book, Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

It talks about these people who run for days on end: the Tarahumara. I’m not talking about, run run run, sleep, run run run. I mean, they quite literally, run, without stopping to sleep for days — on end, peeps. This was like reading about magic when I came across it in the book. I had never heard of ultra-running before! Then I even watched this you tube video of a girl who ran a 50 miler just outside of SF:

Pretty amazing stuff! Makes you want to get up off your butt and go run! But in my case, what usually ends up happening is that I have to stay at work and not go run (away!)… So, by the time I get home, I am too tired to want to go run! Luckily Chester pushes me to exercise, (what’s in it for him anyway?) so, we go off on runs together (except I run my pace and he runs his pace). He is a much faster runner than I am, but I have plans of getting to an 18 minute 5k time. This is a long-term plan mind you. Maybe your dreams are loftier than mine, but you just wait my friend! Soon, I’ll be running 16 minute 5ks…. if that’s possible. Check back with me in 15 years.

The cool and weird thing is that I am attempting to change the way I run: so that I’m not running heel-to-toe anymore, but running more on the balls of my feet to provide more spring. When I told my chiropractor this, he was so thrilled to hear me say I don’t want to run on my heels thumping around. He said he tells all of his runners to try to run on the balls of their feet. It is apparently the way we all used to run back when we were a lot more hairy and a little more naked (wait, strike that last one!). I look at our dog, and she runs on her toes too! But she can’t help it, evolution must have made her heel bone so far away… er… eh? I have no idea what I’m talking about, but she really only runs on her paws! What else is she going to do?

Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled art and inspiration blog ;) This falls under inspiration, clearly.

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