Second time making a doll

You wouldn’t be the first one to laugh. I have started playing around with making dolls. I duck my head in shame, but take some secret pleasure as I try it out. Though, it’s not that far fetched of an idea for me to get into doll making; I used to want to do sculpture work for Pixar way back when. But, since I have only done work with the human figure in clay… I just haven’t explored into the realm of monsterdom — and I haven’t really gotten into expanding my sculptural portfolio. Character making. This is a curious territory too, much like “doll” making. I am going to just stick to exploring this first step and see what may come of it. It is a nice three dimensional outlet and I do have fun showing Chester as I get an amused reaction. I am here to entertain.

Doll number two. She does seem more interesting to me than numba one….

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