So happy in pictures!

I got my new pro-grade camera body yesterday. I am just floored at the level of control I have now over my photographs. The manual mode is much better for me to control plus I can see out the view finder with ease because they made the eye hole bigger. Good for people like me, who are going blind. (Hopefully, not true, but I can’t wear my contacts any more lately! Though, I’ve had a good run of almost 15 years wearing contacts). But if you need to know exactly how close to blind I am, touch your nose. From the point on your finger farthest from your nose to your eye balls… that is my ability to see things clearly without instrumental aid. I’m going to assume you have an average to big nose like me, but if you have a reaaaally big honker, than just know, my eye site isn’t THAT good, and your distance is like [tosses hair]… way off. ;) “Honk!”

Further news that is making me smile. I just updated my shop page with a new banner! I love the new image. I took it last year at my sister’s wedding –a great wedding by the way, one of those easy, laid-back, beautiful, wish-you-could-have-one-just-like-it, weddings. Oh yeah.

Here’s a link to the updated page on etsy’s site: I think it’s so pretty and can’t help but going back to look at it every few minutes right now. I am anxious to get some more time to go out hiking and other walks so I can test out the new camera some more on New England! Lest you forget though, it is absolutely amazing. Night shots? Wham! The ISO on this camera is crazy good, where you might typically require a tripod to take a steady shot, this camera body gives you super powers and doesn’t cause any extra grain in your shots due to the higher ISO used. It’s impressive, it’s sturdy, and I think I am in love.

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