Sunday Brunch

I love breakfast foods. I like orange juice. Coffee is like poetry and the company you keep can make you smile! Chester and I went out to Sensing the other day in the North End and I, of course, had to document the experience in photos. It’s basically, my food diary. We don’t need to use our words, let’s just communicate with our eyes, shall we? –okay, that’s what I say, but I can’t help commenting. It’s like giving a tour without talking! You got to say a little something to set it up.

Forgot to take a picture and already ate half of the mini scone. What? It’s small, warm, and really good! Doesn’t that just describe it for you? I’ll have to get better at my food descriptions. I am such a (friendly) critic when it comes to people describing what they are tasting, and here I am being so vague.

Scones on the house with a chef-made apple butter. I’ll bet the Chef made the scones too.

I love having a coffee and just sitting across from Chester.

Just beyond the coffee cup.

Lobster roll, with pear and awesome fries. A bit more lunchy than brunchy, but I have to say, I got it for the fries. I prefer a more classic Boston lobster roll… like… with just the lobster meat. THANKS!!

Chester’s delicious “Navy Omelette,” or with some name along those lines. This was my favorite, it was very full of lobster on the inside, and it was paired with a lovely brie cheese. I’m not a food expert, but my mouth knows what it likes.

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