The Haunted Hollow Tree on Etsy

The Haunted Hollow Tree is an artist on etsy I found that creates these hauntingly beautiful pieces. The artist, Lauren, has a main draw towards creating Pyrography (woodburning) pieces and Mixed Media work. I love the fact that she is drawn towards the human figure; and the viewer benefits from the observations of what the artist sees and how she translates it in her work. I just love this “Found” piece that she has created. It is so stark, yet just, hauntingly beautiful, what other words are there to describe it? It is haunting, slightly spooky…  almost coming from a memory that was created a century ago. Eerie and beautiful, a great combination.

The ballerina piece entitled, “In Preparation,” is such a lovely moment captured in time, it makes me think of Edgar Degas and his works showing the ballerina. My oldest sister just loves this type of imagery, and I think this is a preferred style. The tone of the piece is just that much more evocative in its muted color palette.

The pyrography pieces that The Haunted Hollow Tree is working on are pretty awesome. Maybe it’s because I am a huge fan of sepia toned things, but I think it’s more to do with this artist’s eye for what… is: simple, natural and lovely.

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