Upgrading Camera Equipment

This is one of my obsessions. Picture quality. I love natural lighting and I think macro is just the darn coolest thing. So, now it comes down to the question. Do I upgrade to a professional level camera? I don’t think this habitual desire will go away… ever, and the thought is, if I just go for broke and do it, I’ll hopefully never need another camera again! I say “hopefully,” as in… hopefully I am never robbed mid-picture take. That would be so sad, so sad. Though, I could think of sadder things in life.

What say you? I think I’ll do it. Seeing as how I’m already talking to myself about it and convincing others what a great idea it is, it would seem that way! The quality is what I want to improve on even though the shots come out great. I have been reading they could come out as if heaven itself vomited it up. This excites me. I am usually happy with my compositions, but I would love to get content that is more candid! Actually, I do have a lot of candid photos, but I’m talking about… people mid-laugh and smiling that don’t look like they just saw the video from The Ring.

I just posted up these two prints to my shop on etsy:

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