Vignetting in Photography

First off, I really like this picture frame I saw at PaperSource! I grabbed a shot of it so I could remember the style.

Okay, I can’t be the only one who likes vignetting in photography, right? Especially if you’re kind of into the vintage look. So, what is vignetting you ask? Well I just so happened to look it up:

Definition: A vignette is a photograph whose edges fade out gradually. In photography, vignetting can be an unintentional result caused by optical limitations in the camera lens. As an effect, it is frequently used for portrait photos, usually in an oval or other shape. A vignette effect is easy to apply to a digital photo in most photo-editing programs. Found here

Yet another description of vignetting in photography says almost the same thing. But, links it almost definitively to wedding/portrait photography:

An image with an edge that gradually fades to black or white. Used mainly by wedding and portrait photographers either created by on-camera filters, using masks in the darkroom or digitally using software.  Found here

Making the transition to a vintage style of outputting photography is interesting, in that when I mix the two styles with my etsy shop I’m not sure if showing the vibrant style along side with the vintage style works out so much as a visual pair… we shall see. I will probably play around with that some more. In the meantime! I picked up some more presentation envelopes from PaperSource.

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