Wine & Cheese Night with Friends

I started making and baking bread at 9:30am Sunday morning because we were having a cheese and wine night in the evening at 7pm. I made three batches of wet bread dough and that yielded about… eight baguettes per batch. There were somewhere around 24 baguettes for our tasty night of foods. In the end, only about eight baguettes were left and I gave two couples three sticks each! So, not bad, because I would rather have more bread than end up being short on bread and have a whole crowd of hungry, angry people. Because that’s what happens when people are hungry. They get angry.

It was an awesome evening, and I am surprised I did not take more photos. It started out with me and camera in hand, but once people showed up, ya know. I just ended up enjoying myself minus the photog thing. Because, while I DO enjoy myself while taking photos (immensely, at an obsessive level really) — I enjoy eating and chatting that much more. Who doesn’t right? I’m pretty sure it’s just a survival skill we are all born with: eat and be merry. What?

I hope the photos look cool. We picked up these white little square plates at tjmaxx (shhhh), they made it awesome. We’ll get to reuse them all the time because we love having people over, and it was not garbage city at the end of the night. It was reduce, reuse, recycle… or take home!

So, the cheeses we had were:

Brebirousse, Boucheron, Bonne Bouche, and a Brie which was Le Chatelain. Chester and I picked the four “B” cheeses because… well, because they are kind of our default favorites right now. Plus, we thought they would not be too overwhelming in terms of flavor. Turns out, they are stinkier than thou’s feet. What can I say? I likes the stink. These are great cheeses and next month we are going to devote a night to variety of cheddar and artisanal beers and ciders.

The photo above shows some raisins ON the vine. How cool is that? Chester found them at Formaggio Kitchen.


I am the happy, happy owner of my first professional grade body Nikon DSLR camera and FX lens!! Pictures to come soon, we’ll see how I evolve my style. Do check out some photographs I have posted on … because, people don’t really see them, and it kind of makes me get down [the crowd goes, “awwww.”] But for reals, yo. Though, I am still having fun taking photographs! Cleary, it is an obsession that cannot be helped, but it is of the good kind.

Above is a pairing of Granny Smith apple with organic honey on top of a raunchy looking blue that was surprisingly mild. I wish I had the name, but I think I’ll just have to go back and get more from the same cheesemonger!

This last image was inspired by my friend Veronique. She is also a Cheesemonger! She writes this awesome blog Miss Cheesemonger. She had this great posting on knives back in September 2009, titled, “Speaking of knives…” where she elaborates on traditional French cheese knives. I felt in luck that I came upon some and had to purchase them! They have cute little bees on them too.

In honor of Veronique. Thanks for making me spend more money! They feel great and look lovely, non?

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