Wine Riot in Boston

We went to a wine expo over the weekend. Specifically, on Saturday! A lovely rainy weather day in the city. Chester and I shared a car to the event, stopped by Formaggio Kitchen to grab a pasta meal –even chatted with a local producer of sauces and got her contact info– and went on our merry way to explore new tastes in wine and re-evaluate our sense of engagement to the flavor receptors that exist on our tongues: do you know what you just tasted?!

A common scene that occurred at this event. Lines of bottles and clusters of people. There were fashionista types, there was a Santa Claus, there were even people with very red faces (but it wasn’t me, lucky me!). After visiting 10 tables, a lot of smelling of the nose with my nose, and sipping on very small amounts of wine, I have to say I started feeling light-headed.

Luckily, there was some lounge seating and…. Upper Crust Pizza! I love their “gourmet” style pizza. If you are in the Boston area for a visit, you ought to check it out. They are growing fast here, and it makes me happy that they are doing well! Gourmet or not, I am just a big lover of their thin crust, and perfect balance of flavors. Though, occassionally you run into the just-too-salty-for-it’s-own-good pizza pies.

I also love the venue where this event was held. It is the Cyclorama in Boston. It is a BSA building (Boston Society of Architects got involved in the building/renovation project). It might be historical, as are most buildings or sites in Boston, but the last time I read the plaque here, I was doing volunteer work for Shakespeare in the Park. This involved making auditioners comfortable, checking them in, listening to them practice and lots of doodling of ideas I had for clay objects. The last part was not required, I added it in all by myself ;)

By the end of the event, Chester and i had made a full circle of the circuit available. Though, regrettably, we were not able to try all of the wines and write about each; however, it was a lot of fun taking the photos and trying certain wines and ciders from near and far.

The last thing I did was exchange information with yet another great lady of this rainy weather day! She was from The Improper Bostonian. A really great and funny person, that Chester and I got to swapping dog stories while sharing a small sample of wine. Mrs. “Smith,” was even talking about how she would have liked to put our photo in their Improperazzi section of the paper! Local news and Things About Town type of section. Sounded cool to me, but, I take it with a grain of salt. It’s a pretty fun thought to consider happening though!

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