You need to change… at least three times a day?

Cotton Jersey cutting and sewing: I wore this shirt/dress to work the other day, and loved it so much… I am wearing it again. In fact, I really just want it in every color, so I’m going to have to make more. Anyone else want one? [winka-winka]

A little too close on the close-up shot here, but what are you going to do with one hand while you ever so casually dangle the other like you’re not taking your own picture? I love the way the cotton jersey material folds and drapes. It is also just so light in weight! I wore my shirt/dress on one of those 90 degree days, and while yeah, Hi, it was warm, I still felt pretty cool because of all the air that got to circulate through the cotton stretch shtuff. Yeah, I said, “stretch.” It is jersey material! Think of self-made women like… Coco Chanel (Gabrielle Bonheur) who just so happened to classy-up jersey fabric. She was as a person who never seemed to give-up on what she could do: she had to survive, as a woman, with, what I think was not a lot. Do I like the styles? Meh, I am so far, more intrigued by the person. Was she a good hwitch or a bad hwitch? Guh-Linda was a good hwitch…

You might be asking yourself now, hwhat is she doing with her “h’s”?

TANGENT quote about Coco Chanel, from Decolish:

Her “make do and mend” skills from her harsh peasant upbringing stood her in good stead at a time when the shortage of materials meant that the opulent and luxurious fabrics used by designers such as Paul Poiret were hard to come by. She managed to combine comfort and practicality with beauty and elegance using the new Jersey material which had been rejected by others as only good for underwear and scratchy garments at that. At a time when vibrant blues, greens and oranges, silks, furs and feathers had been fashion essentials, Coco Chanel managed to convince the fashion conscious that beige was chic….

….It was another four years before she made it into the Paris fashion journals, but she had made a decisive change in fashion which was to last the rest of the century. Women had the right to be comfortable, and move freely. Coco had always been sporty and had shocked French fashionable circles long before by wearing trousers to ride, and by bathing in the sea. Her simple, elegant lines and comfortable clothes have endured to the present day.

Jolly green shot of the shirt in: dress mode. I say, do you really need a reason to change outfits during the work day? You need to be changing your look at least three times a day my friends! Any less, and you’ll look like you don’t care. Like, all you want to do at work, is work. Just sayin’…

This shirt/dress will solve 1.5 of your unnecessary outfit problems. Functionally, it can work as a dress, but if you want a more casual look, you can pull it up into a shirt style. It’s a fun thing to try, so have fun with it! Now, what else can I attempt to make into multifunctional wearable clothing?

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