Duck Recipes, Photographs and Food Notes

Recently, I have been making grand attempts at recording my food making process. In other words, I take a photo and I write down some quick notes about (1) the “tasty” factor, (2) it’s “I’ma eat you again” factor, and (3) “good made-up recipe, pat yourself on the back and… maybe if you share it you will impress someone!” factor. Of course, nothing good ever came easy, am I right? So, I don’t get to post as frequently as I would like to, but I get to see other postings for inspiration. Mainly, I see a lot of wines and craft brews. Yay! Learning about something new everyday.

I have been stashing away many of my yearly food photograph activities on this site flavorbite. It’s a project that is helping to document food experiences and catalogue food ideas: so, not food recipes or restaurants per se. More along the lines of, tasting notes for documenting your food experiences. Wait, did I already say that? Well, share and share alike I say! One thing I ought to add, is this is a project I started with my husband back when we were but young 20 somethings. Now that we are old 20 somethings… I am still using it! It’s easy for me, and so I share! :) If you’re trying out some foods and have no idea what you’re doing –like me– then post it up please! My tasting notes profile gives me great pride because I have built up this little diary of my food experiences of the years. Not to mention, my tons of glutinous styled food photographs. Who would ever go to my etsy shop for these? They look good to me though. When, or if, I have kids… they’ll be wondering, how did you manage to try all that stuff Kim? Yes, my non-existent kids will call me Kim.

Definitely check out flavorbite for more Tasting Notes and recipes. I am dominating in the Recipes category. Mainly because, I’m not afraid to see what flour and water will do if you add a little –just a little!– [insert food ingredient here]. This is what food and tasting innovations are all about!! That, and reading from previous lessons: example, did you know that you can activate baking soda by using some sort of acidic, wet agent? I summed that up, and hopefully it doesn’t sound weird, but, yes! You can activate baking soda with orange juice or honey, etc., thereby making whatever you have added it to (with flour?) to have rising, puff power. I learned this while trying to make up a dog treat recipe. Oh yeah. Here’s that fabulous treat for later.

Our friend’s dog ended up eating a whole bag of treats while I was watching him. Perhaps it’s better to say, while I was not watching him. He managed to shred the whole bag ¬†they were stored in too. I didn’t realize he ate them all until a day later when I went to give my OWN dog one singular treat (I’m not big into treat giving). Sad sigh. I think Homer the pug liked his day of treats though. This is a picture of Homer, he’s a cutie.

Finally! Here is the quick, and wonderful, never fail duck recipe that I cook up whenever a guest appears, Mom and Dad would be so proud.


Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

1. Allow breasts to de-chill from the refrigerator (just take it out and let it sit on the counter for 20 minutes or so).

2. Remove from packaging, wash and remove any stubborn feathers from the skin.

3. Pat your breasts dry with a paper towel. Go on.

4. Once dried off, use a sharp knife to slice a criss-cross pattern into the… more

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