Pottery Artist Alex Mandli

I have been quietly obsessing over the quality of ceramic art work being created by artist Alex Mandli.The simple shine, often times without glaze or gloss is just achingly beautiful, and I cannot touch it from where I sit or stand –though, I bet it is as smooth if not smoother than my phone or computer screen– betchya.

Alex Mandli buffs his pieces to a shine, and uses a pit firing technique. Not only is his work full of labor intense skill, it has the organic quality of fire added to it that I love. It’s like a kiss of nature working with fire to finish your ceramics. Wouldn’t you all agree his work is awesome in it’s organic color qualities? Love, love, want… love. Clearly someone I can aspire to learn from in how I work with my clay pieces. I have recently experimented with burnishing my leather-hard pieces. I’m sure I have a long way to go to reach the skill and artistry of Alex Mandli’s work!

Visit his website and see more of his work here:

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