Ttomasai and Thirsty Man Info

Whilst browsing through some Twitter people, I came upon a follower with some pretty neat content. I was most attracted by the photographs of fun –if not cute– ideas related to convenient ways of consuming your edibles. This particular image is showing what is called a “Rain Decanter.” While I was not able to read the Japanese website, it was my luck to have Google Chrome ask if I might like to translate into English what looked like Japanese! So, why not? I clicked the “Yeah sure,” button and away we went. So, their translator is clearly not spot on, but great for what it does. I definitely got a smile out of the results. You get the gist of the information that is really being written, though the robot-auto-translator seems to have it’s way with converting the website into English. Please feel free to check out the original site found here. The site is called “Thirsty Man Info,” and the Twitter guy’s name is @ttomasai.

I also kind of liked this idea, and image… not to mention the Google Translator version of writing. Fun stuff this translator button. The French translator seems to work much better, but hey I’m not an expert. I just grew up listening to my parents speak Japanese and then took French classes. I never said I spoke either!

This one is called “Mug Face” or… “Face Mug.” Link to @ttomasai‘s page for that is here.I wish I could credit the maker and artist behind these two products, if you know about the source of either of these products… you know what to do! Post it in the comments and I’ll try to update later.

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