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An avid photographer in my spare time, I love to take too many photographs of food and the food process. When I am not snapping away at scenes of food and flavor, I have a great enjoyment capturing scenes depicting the raw, accidental beauty of things in life.

I love to explore texture and depth in my photographs, as well as evoke memories of days past to have for the present and bring a smile in the future. A moment in time, captured forever. Timeless but simultaneously… history in the making as each day goes by.

I grew up in Vermont and have been traveling as far as Japan and Taiwan to visit the other half of my family. I am influenced by my childhood experiences growing up in the green mountain state full of woody forests, green grass, rock climbing and midnight swims in our great lake. I love time-lapse photography in film format and mountainous valleys where cold, foggy clouds have settled near the water just beyond a family owned farm.

Vermont is ridiculously, naturally beautiful; while Europe and Asia are so full of the human capability to craft, and grow historical and elaborate communities of architecture and hardscapes.

By day, I am an architectural designer and environmental consultant, but I will always be a photographer recording my life experiences. There is beauty in a moment and it will haunt me if I pass up the chance to capture it for all humankind!

I also love to work with my hands and explore sculptural experiments in clay. I studied sculpture in college and have been practicing on the side for about… seven years. The past year and a half has found me playing around with polymer clay and making wearable pieces of art, I like to make these because they are multipurpose and functional bits of art : ) I also began to do wheel throwing in March 2009 and I loved it! This year i find myself getting really into slab built projects.

Back in the day, I used to do hand built sculptures as well as form-carved clay. I first got into sculpture (maybe when I touched play-doh, but let’s try harder here…) when I worked on a limestone rock to do a stone sculpted frog. Yay frogs! This was when I was just out of 10th grade? In college, I did quite a bit of lost-wax casting and again… I made a wax frog, and it became a bronze bell! This was soon followed by a koala bell. What can I say? Who doesn’t love a good ol’ cow bell to bring ’em home, aye?

The most important factor for me when I work on these art projects is that they challenge me, bring me happiness, and require my commitment. Did I just say the obvious?

Feel free to check out some of my work on etsy here:

Photography:  http://www.avecjasmine.etsy.com

Clay:  http://www.shoda.etsy.com

Here are some other website projects  of mine:

flavorbite for the love of food
tinyphotostudio if you’re looking for a photo escape
portfolio if you are looking for my work/resume

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