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Mixed Media

All types of media for creating works of art.


Naked Girl Tea Set

These are surprising! Pleasantly freaky and thoughtful at the same time. I love what artist Esther Horchner created with her vision. I can imagine going out for Dim Sum with friends and happening upon this bit of creativity. I am positive I would feel guilty, like some sort of Peeping Tom!


Inspiring Images

Had to document these somewhere. Great link. That’s what this blog is for, good ideas and cool things…


Fun for a day

Making something creative out of something everyday and ordinary. That is the challenge for the day. Check out more of Sandrine Estrade Boulet’s work, very cute, playful and imaginative. Love it.

red dot sink concept_v2

3D renders from back in the day

Basically, what this handle-less sink is trying to do, is help your hygienic, washing experience. Ooooh la la! Say you’ve just touched some raw chicken you dirty meat-eating-carnivore (why does it always come off like I am attacking my flesh eating friends? I love meat too! Drops head in Omnivore’s Dilemma shame.) Actually…


Featured Artist Laura Bucci

You know how sometimes you are caught without a travel mug when you suddenly crave your coffee or tea? Well, while you ought to have a dirty mug stashed somewhere for your indulgent urges you naughty person you, at least you can always rest assured you’ll have your own cool, AND crafty, cozy little… cozy. It’s so cute! I love the…


CG Architecture and Videography

A beautiful, computer graphics animation that… yup, everyone should see! This whole reel was created by Alex Roman, who exhibits such a creative and artistic vision. It is very geared to any of you interested in photography.


Do Something Videos

Something to check out if you are looking for fun, hands-on, creative ideas to try. I like the cute little picture that gets posted at the end. Very cute. Thanks to The One Minute Muse!