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Images of daily life captured on film or digitally frozen in time.


Time Lapse Photography

This artist, Michael Wesely, and his technique is really interesting. He uses long-exposure tenchniques that he has worked out over a period of time (anywhere from 6 months, to even a year, depending on the project, location and equipment).

House Next Door 010

Tibetan Buddhism…

Last evening, when Chester and I got home from work, our Buddhist monk neighbors and the community at The Drikung Meditation Center were up to no good, celebrating and dancing. :)


Featured Artist – Emmalyne on Etsy

Emmalyne (aka Emmy Ludwig) is a photographing artist on Etsy. She has a love for taking everyday common objects and making them into a beautiful, soulful photograph. I love these two photographs she has captured with her smart eye. These two photos are hauntingly evocative of something… almost bordering creepy. This is something I love, because they are also completely innocent shots taken with observation. Simply beautiful.


Vignetting in Photography

First off, I really like this picture frame I saw at PaperSource! I grabbed a shot of it so I could remember …