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Favorite Artists of Etsy Spring 2011

These artists inspire me to keep creating and occasionally, fondle my empty wallet. The collection today is beautiful and poetic, they complement each …

Slab-Built Clay Mask

Ceramic Mask Making

The night before our big Boston snow storm I got to sneak in a few hours at the pottery studio. Granted, I spent 2.5 hours cleaning up and organizing the glaze room because I just couldn’t help myself –I made new glaze labels! I saved about 30 minutes to throw on some black mason stain for my mask and quick, sketchy cups.


Pottery Artist Alex Mandli

Alex Mandli buffs his pieces to a shine, and uses a pit firing technique. Not only is his work full of labor intense skill, it has the organic quality of fire added to it that I love. It’s like a kiss of nature working with fire to finish your ceramics.


Marina Bychkova – Ball-Jointed Porcelain Dolls

If you are going to work at being great at something, it becomes so much more appealing when you can find the worth inside to do it. Marina Bychkova is somehow… visually emancipating the Barbie’s and Ken’s of our current cultural mindset.


Another: I love my dog… post.

This is Chloe. She sleeps… all the time. We got a Rhodesian Ridgeback because we heard they are so active, but this one’s a dud. :) She loves to silently hunt, stare, and sniff. I think she saves up all of her energy just so she can be extra good at all of that.


Ceramic Artst Penelope Withers

I am newly obsessed. I just got done ordering some new glazes, i.e. crackle glaze… a candy colored red glaze, some mason stain for some traditional looking China Porcelain. So, I decided to look up how other people were using their crackle glaze on their ceramics. Behold: I came across…