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Sitting on cushion-y, comf-y, faces. Cute idea.


Time Lapse Photography

This artist, Michael Wesely, and his technique is really interesting. He uses long-exposure tenchniques that he has worked out over a period of time (anywhere from 6 months, to even a year, depending on the project, location and equipment).

the window

Candid Photographers to Know

The father of photojournalism that believed in no-flash photography, and another who was hard-hitting and wanted to capture the harshness of humanity: Henri Cartier-Bresson and Arthur “Weegee” Fellig.


Making LED Lights for Paper Lanterns

So, realizing that renting equipment, especially lighting for the wedding would be expensive. I am a big fan of paper lanterns… hey who didn’t have one in their dorm room? (Don’t answer that). Naturally! I think paper lanterns are just a fab-u-lous idea for anyone on a budget… plus. It will allow me to sneak in the red that I will not be wearing (as of yet) to my own wedding. :)


Fun for a day

Making something creative out of something everyday and ordinary. That is the challenge for the day. Check out more of Sandrine Estrade Boulet’s work, very cute, playful and imaginative. Love it.


Visual Stimulation?

Came upon this site It completes me, for today at least. It’s got creative ideas, sourced from wherever, whenever… and I think it’s my new found love. Let’s take a brief tour shall we?

House Next Door 010

Tibetan Buddhism…

Last evening, when Chester and I got home from work, our Buddhist monk neighbors and the community at The Drikung Meditation Center were up to no good, celebrating and dancing. :)