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Polaroid Style Day

On a surprise Bridal Shower, living in Arlington and getting married 10 years after high school. Darn French class.

chlo 002

Love my dog

Her dog aggression is almost taught and socialized out of her, but Chester and I will keep on working on that. She knows what we want and it’s adorable to watch her transform from what she thought was the right way to react, i.e. growl, snarl, bark, chomp, to… more of a light, impatient whine.


Friday and working late

Poor Chloe, our dog, had a less than interesting week, but she is back to being the center of attention and has resumed all normal activity. Except for yesterday, where she fell off of the couch onto her butt. It was pretty hilarious. You did not have to be there. Just imagine…


Plaster Drape Molds

I woke up early this morning because our little adopted doggie Chloe had to use the bathroom — we trained her to …