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Featured Artist Laura Bucci

You know how sometimes you are caught without a travel mug when you suddenly crave your coffee or tea? Well, while you ought to have a dirty mug stashed somewhere for your indulgent urges you naughty person you, at least you can always rest assured you’ll have your own cool, AND crafty, cozy little… cozy. It’s so cute! I love the…


Experimenting with new Fabric

It seems silly, I know, but I just like to keep my hands busy! So, this is the first of its kind that I have ever made before.

wendi dress2

Handmade Wedding Day

Making my first wedding cake, and making my first wedding dress for my big sister!


Paula Cooley Pottery

May I just start off with this artist’s handmade work. Paula Cooley’s work is poetic and sexy at the same time. It …