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Sitting on cushion-y, comf-y, faces. Cute idea.

red dot sink concept_v2

3D renders from back in the day

Basically, what this handle-less sink is trying to do, is help your hygienic, washing experience. Ooooh la la! Say you’ve just touched some raw chicken you dirty meat-eating-carnivore (why does it always come off like I am attacking my flesh eating friends? I love meat too! Drops head in Omnivore’s Dilemma shame.) Actually…


Reinventing the Toothbrush

This studio has come up with the mini-punching bag of toothbrush-dom! Lay it down… you’re never going to keep it down! It is the most resilient toothbrush you have ever met. Never stare at your visiting sister’s toothbrush, half-hazardly thrown…


Hearing Impaired Functional Jewelry

Designed by May Wilson, an industrial designer who recently graduated from Loughborough University, UK in 2009 — these are wearable bracelets that …